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Environmental Commitment

ReRack is a one-of-a-kind car rack shop, specializing in reusing and repurposing car racks. It is our goal to support our customers in enjoying outdoor sports and recreation, while minimizing environmental impact as much as possible.




“We strive to be as green of a business as we can be”

-Bo Grayzel, Owner

ReRack reduces our environmental impact through several areas:


Product Recycling & Refurbishment

Packing & Shipping

Supplies & Purchasing



  • ReRack has solar panels installed to generate clean, renewable energy on-site!

  • ReRack participates in PGE’s renewable energy program.

  • All water devices are low-flow.


Product Recycling & Refurbishment

The majority of a rack’s environmental impact comes during the production process. By  re-using, recycling and repurposing rack parts, we lower the environmental cost of purchasing a rack from ReRack, and prevent a large amount of plastic and metal from entering landfills.


Packaging & Shipping

  • Packaging materials from our retail shop are used in warehouse/shipping operations

  • Reuse cardboard boxes and packing material for shipping online orders as much as possible


Supplies & Purchasing

  • Cleaning products, office supplies, etc. are ecologically/sustainably certified whenever possible.

  • We work with local suppliers and vendors whenever possible to minimize environmental impact



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