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Do you sell used car racks?

What about new car racks?

How much is shipping?

Do you offer free shipping?

How do you install racks at your shop? What about tipping?

How is ReRack different than other rack shops?

Do you sell used cargo boxes?

How much will I get for selling rack parts?

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Can I buy a used rack?

Yes! We make every effort to offer all of our customers used options. It is a difficult challenge to have every part available used and especially for newer vehicles or during our busy summer season we will often have to supplement with new parts to complete a rack. We sometime have new parts that provide better value to our customers and you may be offered new if we thinks it’s the best value for your vehicle.


Do you sell new racks?

Yes! At ReRack we sell new car rack products, and are authorized dealers of: Yakima, Thule, Inno, Rhino-Rack, RockyMounts, Whispbar, Prorack, Saris, Softride, Swagman and Malone.  


We have had the longest relationship with Yakima - they are an Oregon-based company (go Beavers!). Yakima has been making car racks for over 35 years, and they come with a lifetime warranty, excellent customer support, and the company shares our commitment to the environment.


How much is shipping?

We offer a flat $5.95 shipping rate. Orders over $99 ship for free! Exclusions include: cargo boxes & baskets, orders to Alaska/Hawaii, and a few other items.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes - orders over $99 will ship free (lower 48 states only). Oversize items are excluded from free shipping; this includes cargo boxes and baskets.


What's the deal with free installation and tipping?

When a customer buys a complete rack from us that requires no drilling of the vehicle then we will install the rack no charge.

If a customer reuses some of their own parts and only buys part of a rack from us we will usually charge a small fee to install the rack ($10-$20). Custom permanent installs are more expensive to install - please contact us for pricing.

We install racks for free for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that we want you to know that you’re getting the right product, and that it’s done right! Since most installations are free, we do encourage tipping, but you should not feel obligated to do so.


Suggested tip guidelines:

  • complete rack installation $10-$25

  • Individual attachments: $5


How is ReRack different?

ReRack was started as a 100% used rack shop. We are the only specialty rack shop to start out this way. We always try to offer our customers an affordable rack solution. If you already have a rack,  we will tell you what parts you can reuse for your new vehicle, offer you trade value for the parts you don't need, and complete your rack with used part if possible. We also are the only rack shop that provides free installation on most racks.


Do you sell used cargo boxes?

Yes! However, there are a few things to know about cargo boxes:

They are hard plastic, have many moving parts, and hit more than their share of tree branches in their time on - and off! - the road. We do buy used boxes, but they often have an issue beyond normal wear and tear. Common complaints are that they are too long, don't fit stock crossbars, only open on one side, etc.  

At ReRack we always try to give you the best value we can, and with cargo boxes the best value is often found in a new box that comes with a warranty. Keep in mind that used cargo boxes do not come with a warranty. Even so, used boxes are one our most popular items and sell quickly.

The best time to find a used box is during the fall and early spring, when demand is lowest. During the height of summer road trip season, or when it is snowing in the mountains, there will be fewer cargo boxes available.


How much will I get for selling my rack parts?

We can almost always take rack parts on trade, but some parts are more valuable than others, and we can never tell you for sure what something is worth until the items are brought to our retail shop for a rackspert to assess in person. Read more about the trade-in process here.

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