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Inno INA450 Two Kayak Carrier - Return

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Similar to the Yakima Big Stack and Thule 830 Stacker, the INA450 is a Universal-Mounting foldable kayak stacker.
Unlike other similar racks, the INA 450 was designed to make loading easy by integrating strap guides and adding cradles to prevent the boats from falling over before you've had a chance to cinch them down! 
Note: You must have roof rack on your car to use these Kayak cradles..
  • Universal Mounting System mounts to square, round, and most factory crossbars
  • Includes cradles for two kayaks
  • Includes pads & straps
  • Similar to: Yakima Big Stack and Thule 830 Stacker
  • Crossbars required (sold separately)

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UPC: 47998588189
Condition: Refurbished

To the best of our assessment, products classified as 'Return' are “like-new”. While some may fret that you miss out on a warranty, you should know that your purchase is guaranteed during your “return” period –depending on terms, 14-30 days from the date of purchase. Be sure to install and test your rack at least once to catch any unfortunate defects.

Generally a return falls under one of these categories:

  • Overstock from other vendors
  • Scratch-and-dent (otherwise new)
  • An in-store-display item
  • Damaged packaging (sometimes heavily)

You can expect that a ‘Returns’ may …

  • Show signs of cosmetic damage from shipping/damaged packaging etc. 
  • Have been previously opened (holes in parts bags, rearranged packing materials)
  • Have had previous assembly, and test-fittings (but not road use).
  • Be missing instruction manuals or manufacturer warning information.

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