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Item Conditions


At ReRack we spend a lot of time with not-so-new products. From racks that have been on the road from the eighties to current generation products, there are a LOT of rack systems and parts out there. In our retail store it's pretty obvious what you're getting because you can see and touch it before you buy - but it’s difficult to get the same experience online.

ReRack has a set of guidelines to help you understand the condition of the products you’re considering:

*Note: Regardless of ‘condition’, many items will have been opened for Quality Assurance, and/or repacking for shipping purposes.


All new items are brand new! New products are eligible for manufacturer’s warranty programs (if applicable). ReRack may open new-in-box items in order to:

  • Ensure it is complete (Quality Control)

  • Include other items from your order

  • Repack the items so we can use a faster shipping method.



A used item has been previously used on a car or truck on the road. The visual condition of these items range from ‘wow, this looks brand new!’ to ‘they must have been on a non-stop road trip’. Irrespective of any visual/cosmetic wear, all used products are fully functional.

 Generally, you can expect ‘Used’ to…

  • Show general wear and signs of use

  • Have cosmetic damage that may include: discoloration, light rust, scratches, dents, bumps, dings, awesome stickers, silly stickers, torn-off stickers…

  • All used products are guaranteed to be complete and fully functional by ReRack - unless explicitly noted on the product page.

  • You might even get some FREE dirt and grime! Really, we’re sorry about this - we clean up products as best we can before shipping them out.



These products provide some of the best deals! Return items are “like-new”. The only difference is return items will not qualify for the manufacturer warranty. We recommend you install and test your rack after receiving it, in case of a - very rare - manufacturer defect.

Return items are usually one of the following:

  • Overstock from other vendors

  • Scratch-and-dent (otherwise new)

  • An in-store-display item

  • Damaged packaging

 A Return product may:

  • Show signs of cosmetic damage from shipping/damaged packaging etc.

  • Have been previously opened (holes in parts bags, rearranged packing materials)

  • Have had previous assembly, and test-fitting (no road use).

  • Be missing instruction manuals or other paperwork.

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