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Product Spotlight: Yakima EXO SwingBase & Hitch System

Product Spotlight: Yakima EXO SwingBase & Hitch System

Yakima EXO is a versatile, modular hitch mount system designed as an alternative to a roof rack. EXO SwingBase provides the foundation for all other EXO accessories. It swings to the side, includes locks, folds compact when not in use, and fits 2” hitch receivers. 

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SwingBase & GearLocker

Yakima has released a slew of accessories within the EXO family to carry gear and organize cargo. Accessory carriers are attached directly to EXO SwingBase with Yakima’s new cleat system. Cleats and locking knobs allow attachments to easily be installed and removed in seconds. 

TopShelf can be added to SwingBase to provide another layer of carrying capacity, allowing you to stack accessory carriers. TopShelf pivots independently of SwingBase, so you can arrange everything as needed at camp or at the trailhead. 

SwingBase, GearLocker, TopShelf, DoubleUp

DoubleUp carries bikes and SnowBank carries skis and snowboards. For cargo, GearWarrior is an open hitch basket, and GearLocker is a fully enclosed cargo box. WarriorWheels convert the GearWarrior basket to a mobile cart, and GearTotes fit inside the GearLocker to keep cargo organized. 

The GearLocker is a particular favorite around here. It’s nice to be able to load cargo at hitch level rather than reaching up on the roof. 

SwingBase, GearLocker, TopShelf, and SnowBank

LitKit provides additional taillights and a license plate holder in case the rear mounted EXO system blocks visibility from the vehicle (big fan of additional taillights). Even RoadShower can be attached with the EXO RoadShower Kit


BackDeck turns TopShelf into a useful camp table and nests nicely inside the GearLocker. 

OpenRange Deluxe

The newest accessory line consists of the EXO OpenRangeOpenRange is a cargo box designed to quickly turn your car into an entire camp kitchen. Components can be selected individually or purchased altogether in the Deluxe model

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