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A tandem is really hard to fit in the trunk, so we developed the TandemMount R4 to get your bikes from point A to point B. It is simply the best two-seater bike rack on the market. Built from non-corrosive, heat treated aluminum with a 9mm quick release, it holds the fork like a champ. It now fits RockyMounts Ouray Crossbars, and all Yakima® and Thule® crossbars (including Thule® Aeroblade & Yakima® WhispBar). We recommend a cable lock to secure your bike to rack.



  • A pivoting headset allows you to easily load your tandem by yourself. Take the front wheel off your bike and lift your tandem from the ground onto the fork mount. Once the fork is clamped in, lift the rear wheel onto the tray, and boom! You will only have to lift half the bike's weight at once.
  • Designed for tandems and recumbents with up to a 78" wheelbase.
  • Telescopic to also fit single bikes

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my factory crossbars? 
No.  Factory crossbars are not strong enough to support the increased loads of a tandem.  We strongly advise against "rigging it", that will end poorly.

Will my hatchback/trunk be able to open all the way?
With the TandemMount in the stowed position, you need 56"  from the front of your front crossbar to the hatchback in the open position.  When your tandem is loaded, it depends on the wheelbase.

Does it lock?
No, we recommend a cable lock.  Our Locking Quick Release is not compatible with the TandemMount R4

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UPC: 186135000754
Condition: New
Width: 60.00
Height: 8.50
Depth: 6.00
Warranty: New RockyMounts items purchased through ReRack.com are eligible for RockyMount's manufacturer warranty program.

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