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Swagman Around the Spare - Return

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This rack attaches to the bumper of an RV, not to a trailer hitch. 

The Swagman AROUND THE SPARE DELUXE is a unique bike rack which enables you to carry two bikes and keep the spare tire on your RV. Designed to fit around a 4” - 4.5” continuously welded bumper, the AROUND THE SPARE DELUXE is RV Approved, meaning that it’s designed to handle the extra stress of being on the back of an RV. It mounts around most spare tires and the bikes’ frames are held in cradles with straps. The cradles can rotate to fit nearly every bike frame and also prevent the bikes from swaying and hitting each other.

  • RV Approved
  • Carries two bikes weighing up to 30lbs each
  • Mounts around most spare tires
  • Anti-sway cradles prevent contact between bikes
  • Fits 4” - 4.5” continuously welded steel bumper

Please note: This is a return/open box item and may not be in all of its original packaging. 

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