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Yakima 1C SST Towers - Used

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Precursor to the current Yakima Q Towers, the SST (also called Y towers), are used to attach Yakima Round crossbars to naked roof vehicles. Yakima stoped listing fits for the SST Tower/Y Clips in 1996 and discontinued the towers in 1997. 

Moral of the story - if you have an older vehicle, check with the SST Tower Fit list to determine if your vehicle is compatible! We have a pretty good selection of new and used Y Clips and would love to get you racked out for dirt cheap!  

When compared to a new Q Tower system (over $400), an SST system can save you hundreds!

  • Includes Set of 4 Towers
  • Includes Set of 4 Handles (You choose the style)
    • Compatible with Yakima SKS Locks (Sold Seperately)
    • Integrated Locking Handles (Locks included, not SKS compatible)
  • Requires Yakima Round Bars
  • Requires Y Clips

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UPC: 7.37E+11
Condition: Used
Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
Warranty: "

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