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Car Roof Rack Brands

Car Roof Rack Brands

There's a lot of car rack brands on the market, and you probably haven't heard of most (or any!) of them. At ReRack we carry a variety of rack products from the top manufacturers and brands around. Here's a brief look at the main roof rack brands:

Brand Founded Headquarters
Yakima 1973 Oregon
Thule 1942 Sweden
Inno 1976 Japan
Whispbar 2006 Oregon
ProRack 1980 Australia/Oregon
Rhino-Rack 1992 Australia
RockyMounts 1993 Colorado
Saris 1989 Wisconsin
SportRack 1980 Canada


Established in 1973, Yakima is based right next to Portland, Oregon. Yakima is the earliest and biggest US car rack company. Their round crossbars are iconic and have been in production for over 25 years. Yakima has a complete line of car racks and related accessories. They released a new line of base roof racks in 2016. Yakima also supports a number of organizations promoting environmental stewardship and outdoor activities. We have a great relationship with Yakima, and have one of the best selections of current and discontinued parts/products available.


Founded way back in 1942, Thule is the oldest car rack manufacturer in the world, and also the largest. Headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, Thule employs over 3,000 people to make and sell car racks, lifestyle and technical bags and cases. Most of the Thule products sold in the US are also manufactured here. We carry a complete line of current Thule products, and also have old and discontinued Thule parts and products.


Inno was started in 1976 in Japan (by the guy who invented car headrests!), and began selling to the US in 2003. Currently the largest brand in the Japanese market, Inno is a leading car rack brand that offers quality, innovative products. At ReRack we carry a partial selection of Inno products - if you don't see what you need justcontact us.


Sometimes we just want nice things. Whispbar started out in New Zealand in 1976, and is currently owned by Yakima. Whispbar is a premium line of aerodynamic, top-quality roof racks and accessories. As of late 2016, Yakima stopped manufacturing under the ‘Whispbar’ brand name. Some Whispbar products will continue on with new styling under the Yakima name. Luckily, ReRack was able to purchase all of the remaining United States Whispbar inventory - so we’ve got them at great prices!


Established in 1980 in New Zealand, Prorack is currently owned by Yakima. Prorack offers a range of quality roof racks and rack accessories at great price points.


Started in 1993 by an avid bicyclist who moved to Colorado, RockyMounts began offering high-end bike mounts, and has since expanded to a complete line of roof racks and accessories. We love that RockyMounts offers their popular bike mounts in a range of colors - something no other manufacturer does. Some of our RockyMounts inventory ships directly from the manufacturer (known as drop-shipping).


Founded in 1992 in Australia, Rhino-Rack has “The World’s Most Useful Roof Racks”. Rhino-Rack products are tough, versatile and always functional. The company also has a strong commitment to protecting the environment and continuously strives to reduce their environmental impact. The company is especially focused on a wide range of rooftop cargo baskets - if you do overland adventures, Rhino-Rack is the way to go!


Saris was founded in 1989 by a husband and wife couple after they bought out a previous rack company in Madison, Wisconsin. Saris is a brand focused exclusively on cycling products, and has one of the best trunk bike racks on the market - the Saris Bones. Saris products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide, with most product assembly done right here in the US.


SportRack is a Canadian rack company that started in 1980. In 2006 SportRack was bought by Thule, and has since expanded their product lineup considerably. SportRack is a great entry-level product for the budget-conscious.