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About Yakima

About Yakima

By Bo Grayzel, Founder & Owner of ReRack 

We hear lots of folks asking, "where does Yakima produce their products, are they made in the USA?" This question is complicated in today's global supply chain. Still, the short answer is that the production of Yakima's cargo boxes happens in the USA in the state of California, and most of the output of Yakima's other components happens in Taiwan or China.

Yakima's current headquarters are in Lake Oswego, Oregon, so almost all design, testing, marketing, logistics, and sales jobs are located in Oregon. I have visited the cargo box manufacturing line in California, and it is an enthralling experience. There are numerous steps to making a cargo box. So quality control is very significant to the end-product functionality. Yakima backs up their cargo boxes with a lifetime warranty to the original consumer so you can bet that the quality control process is robust. Below is a link to more information about Yakima's cargo box production:

Also, you may ponder, where is Yakima from, and why the name Yakima. Founded in Yakima, Washington, Yakima Industries later moved its headquarters to Arcata, California, then to Beaverton, Oregon, and now they reside in a beautiful headquarters building in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They own the building, so this should be their long term home.

For more information about the heritage of Yakima Industries, see the link below.

I implore you to enjoy this wonderful collection of scanned images from nostalgic Yakima catalogs!