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All About Top Tube Bar Adapters for Bike Racks

All About Top Tube Bar Adapters for Bike Racks

Designing a bike rack is no easy task given the endless variables to consider. From tire sizes, fenders, racks, weight, and more, rack manufacturers are constantly adapting to whatever comes next. While some of these dilemmas are still being sorted out, a clever solution to frame shape has been around for quite some time.

Bar adapters :

Swagman Ebike/Cruiser Bar Adapter

Swagman Deluxe Bar Adapter

Thule Frame Adapter

Yakima TubeTop

A popular bike rack design, often called a “hanging hitch” or “trunk” rack is a great way to transport your bicycle. While many bikes will work as is, some others will require a bar adapter to be properly mounted. Good candidates for a bar adapter include bikes with a sloping top tube, step-through style frames, and kids bikes.

**If you don’t use an adapter** 

  • - It could be difficult to mount multiple bikes 
  • - May decrease visibility out the rear of the vehicle 
  • - Could cause bicycle wheel to contact ground in some circumstances

While bar adapters are designed to work with most bikes and racks, there are some things to consider when choosing the right one. Take a look at the chart below to make sure your bike, rack, and adapter will all work together.

Extendability - Measure the distance from your bike's seat post to stem. If your measurement falls between the listed numbers, you’re good to go.

Although less common, some bikes can benefit from a bar adapter when paired with frame compression style racks such as the  Thule 905402 DoubleTrack Pro. Please note that this implementation has only been approved for the Swagman adapters listed above.

Not sure if your bike or rack needs a top tube adapter? Feel free to  contact us with any questions!