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Choosing the Correct Yakima ZipStrips

Choosing the Correct Yakima ZipStrips

Yakima ZipStrips are a big step up from the stretchy rubber straps that they replaced. However, when SuperCush ZipStrips were introduced in 2016 with a new tooth profile, it made finding the correct replacement straps for your hitch or trunk rack a little more difficult. Do you need replacement straps but aren’t sure which ones to get? Luckily, there are some clear distinctions and we can help you determine which ones you need! 

Pictured above, the original ZipStrips are seen on racks manufactured between 2014 and 2016. The ZipStrips themselves are narrower than the later version, do not say Yakima across the top, and do not have a rubber cushion in the crest. The levers that click and hold these straps are gray. These original ZipStrips are part 8890297

SuperCush ZipStrips began showing up on racks starting in 2016. They have smaller, tighter teeth, and the straps themselves are slightly wider. Additionally, they have the Yakima logo across the top and a rubber cushion in the middle. The release levers on the cradles are black instead of gray. SuperCush ZipStrips were originally released as part 8880566, which has now been replaced with part 88812028880566 and 8881202 are interchangeable, but NOT the original ZipStrips, 8890297

The original and SuperCush ZipStrips are not interchangeable with each other. If you’re looking for replacement ZipStrips and you still have some of the ones that came with your rack, the easiest way to tell which ones you need will be to look at the top to see if they say Yakima or not. If you don’t have any of the ZipStrips, you’ll need to look closely at the release levers to determine the correct ZipStrips to select: gray for original and black for SuperCush. The FullTilt and FullSwing have a different style cradle, but on RidgeBacks and others that have cradles that look like the one above, the rubber cushion will be textured on the SuperCush style (as shown) and smooth on the original style. 

It might look like a ZipStrip, but 8880077 is actually a much larger strap designed to hold the rear wheel down on bike racks like the SprocketRocket and HighRoller. It is pictured above, below the original and SuperCush ZipStrips. It is NOT used interchangeably. 

If you need help determining which straps you need for your rack, feel free to contact us with a picture and we can guide you in the right direction!