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Featured Special: Swagman X Mount

Featured Special: Swagman X Mount

Swagman X Mount provides a sturdy, wall mounted attachment point for storing your hitch bike rack. Included are 4 bolts to mount it to studs in the wall. It works with 2” bike racks and can support up to 100 pounds. 

Swagman X Mount is perfect for storing your bike rack in the off season, or anytime you don’t want your rack on the back of your car.

The receiver pivots side to side to keep it out of the way, locking in place with a vertical pin. You can also hang a tow ball from the bottom.

It can even be used to hold your bike, becoming a useful stand for routine maintenance like chain lubrication. 

We have discounted, open box Swagman X Mounts in stock for only $34.95!