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Introducing CAT-RAP™ Catalytic Converter Guard Installation

Introducing CAT-RAP™ Catalytic Converter Guard Installation

ReRack is happy to announce that we are now installing CAT-RAP™ catalytic converter guards at our Portland, OR and Renton, WA retail shops! CAT-RAP consists of a series of cables and plates that make your catalytic converter significantly more time consuming and strenuous to cut from your vehicle, encouraging would-be thieves to move along.

CAT-RAP is compatible with most vehicles. Cables are wrapped around the frame or other non-moving components underneath the vehicle. When complete, CAT-RAP is securely fastened to the bottom of your catalytic converter. No welding is required, and security bolts are included to keep CAT-RAP from being easily removed by the wrong person. CAT-RAP can be completely removed if it needs to be.

The cost for CAT-RAP is $244.95* which includes parts and installation ($269.96* in Renton, WA including sales tax), and we are offering a $20 discount when combined with a hitch install!

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*Pricing current as of Spring 2023 and subject to change