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New Yakima Ski/Snowboard Carriers

New Yakima Ski/Snowboard Carriers

New Yakima FatCat EVO, FreshTrack

Yakima is launching two new ski/snowboard carriers - the FatCat EVO and the FreshTrack. Both are available in 'large' (6 ski / 4 board) and 'small' (4 ski / 2 board) sizes. A few of the features and changes we want to point out:

FatCat EVO is an upgraded version of the Yakima FatCat. The biggest change is the increase in length - you should have no problem getting 6 pairs of fat powder skis or 4 boards on the FatCat EVO 6! Similarly the FreshTrack is an improvement on the PowderHound.

Both models have universal mounting hardware, but the FatCat EVO uses a rubberized metal band, versus the FreshTrack which uses hard plastic clamps.

The FatCat EVO 6 comes in both black and silver (silver version is more expensive. Why? We have no idea).

FatCat Evo 6 FatCat Evo 4 FreshTrack 6 FreshTrack 4
List Price $299 / $279 $229 $189 $159
# of Skis/Boards 6* / 4 4* / 2 6 / 4 4 / 2
Integrated Locks Y Y Y Y
Universal Mounting Y Y Y Y
Expandable hinge for
thicker boards/skis
T-Track Compatible Y (SmarT-Slot 2) Y (SmarT-Slot 2) N N
Available in sexy black Y Y N N
Lift for tall bindings Integrated Integrated Attachment
'HangOver' easy-access
mounting position
Product Length 40.5" 30.5" 35" 25.5"

*The FatCat EVO sizes are designed to accommodate wider powder skis

New Product Images of FreshTrack and FatCat EVO:

Yakima FatCat EVO and FreshTrack Ski Racks

Have questions about Yakima's new line of winter sports mounts? Leave us a comment below or contact us and we'll do our best to answer!