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Product Spotlight: Thule SkiClick 7291

Product Spotlight: Thule SkiClick 7291

Thule SkiClick offers a simple, inexpensive solution for those who just need to carry cross country skis. Buy the SkiClick new for $79.95 or open box for $49.95!

Thule SkiClick uses tight-fitting bands to hold narrow cross country skis to vertical posts mounted on your crossbars. It comes in the box almost fully assembled and ready to go. It fits crossbars with the standardized T-slot across the top as well as Thule Square bars with the included adapters. Installation only takes a couple minutes to get the posts onto your bars and straps on your skis.

Elastic bands wrap around the skis and secure with a hook. Slip-on cushions are included to pad the bases of the skis against each other. It’s important to position these pieces at the same distance apart from each other as your crossbars so they line up with the posts. Thule includes small stickers you can affix to your skis to make it easy to know where to put the straps.

From there, the strap assemblies drop down onto the posts and click into place. The gray buttons are used to remove the strap assemblies, and a key is included to lock them in place.

A wall mount is included and available as a separate accessory so that you can use the SkiClick to store your skis on the wall at home or in the garage.

2 different length ski bags are also available to integrate with the SkiClick. The Thule 7294 is a short bag designed to cover primarily the bindings, while 7295 is a full length bag. These bags are discontinued, so once they’re gone they won’t be coming back!

Check out the Thule SkiClick today!