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Product Spotlight: Yakima SlimShady Awning

Product Spotlight: Yakima SlimShady Awning

Yakima SlimShady is a lightweight, competitively priced roof rack mounted awning that provides shade from the sun and an effective rain cover. 

SlimShady comes in three sizes: 

SlimShady 4.5' - 4.5' x 6.5'

SlimShady 6.5' - 6.5' x 6.5'

SlimShady 8' - 8' x 8'

We even have great deals on return/open box awnings!

SlimShady 4.5' Return$328.95 $239

SlimShady 6.5' Return$388.95 $329

(Priced as marked on product page and subject to change. Pricing accurate as of July 2023)

SlimShady includes universal mounting hardware to fit most crossbar systems. Crossbars must be between 15mm - 43mm high and 28mm - 90mm wide. Locks are included to help keep your awning safe on your car. 

SlimShady can be set up by one person with a little practice, but two people make it much simpler to deploy. Once pitched, the fabric is taught and the outer arms are adjustable in height. Stakes and rope are included to anchor the legs to the ground to resist wind. 

SlimShady neatly rolls up into its zippered pouch, where it is held tight with velcro straps. 

SlimShady 4.5' awning pictured provides just enough space for a double camp chair and camp kitchen. The relatively short size means it will fit most vehicles without appearing too long, but remember that vehicle height plays a factor as well. The legs adjust to 7' high, so even a relatively low car can provide comfortable sitting space with the awning adjusted at an upwards angle. 

Check out the Yakima SlimShady and the rest of our awning selection today!