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What is Overlanding?

What is Overlanding?

Ferenc from OverlandSite, a website with a blog covering Overland trips and general Overlanding knowledge, reached out to us to see if we would feature a link to his article entitled "What Is Overlanding?".

"What Is Overlanding?" is a great article full of Overlanding knowledge that we know will inspire you to consider quitting your corporate job to lead a life full of outdoor adventure and travel.

Read below from Overlandsite's About Us Page!

"We are Overlanding enthusiasts, with great Overlanding and extensive travel experience! By quitting the safe world of corporate jobs, we are now full-time overlanders and are on our path to becoming experts in this field at some point. We want to share the humble knowledge we have built upon this matter so far. On our site, we want to generate as much useful information about Overlanding as possible. We aim to help the community grow by putting the right information out there for others to access it."

We hope you enjoy the article as much as we did. We encourage you to read Overlandsite's articles and blogs. If you see an Overlanding product on their website, we hope you'll reach out to us to pick it up from ReRack first!