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The Good news is as mask mandates and other COVID related restrictions are lifted, we expect to be expanding our availability and services! Bad news is despite local restrictions loosening, COVID is still taking its toll on our international community. We are seeing the direct effect of this through its ongoing impacts on supply chain, shipping, and logistics. This means that our available inventory of NEW products (including Cargo Boxes) continues to be heavily reduced. Please plan ahead this summer!




  • Continue to respect social distancing guidelines, mandates, and store policies as they adapt
  • For CROSSBARS & advanced consultations, utilize our consultation tool
  • For more walk-up style service & consultations, book an appointment in advance
  • Place ship-to-home orders on our website
  • Due to limits on inventory and staffing Showroom access / in-store shopping will be limited 

First and foremost

Most importantly: if you are sick DO NOT COME IN!

If you are sick, test positive for COVID-19 (vaccinated or not), or have been around people that are, please DO NOT COME IN! We would love to see you when you are confirmed to be well. In the meantime, please consider placing an order with us online.

Limited inbound Phone support

Our stores are accepting phone calls, but being in the heavy season makes taking phone calls very tricky. Please email ahead, schedule a consultation, or book an in-store appointment.

Limited showroom access

Staffing restrictions and limited inventory make opening the shops challenging. In store browsing is not currently available.

Schedule a consultation

If you don’t know or are not sure what products you want, you should know that a rack consultation can take up to 30 minutes. Assemblies can take another 30 minutes. Installations can take upwards of an hour or more. You can help shorten the time spent in person at our stores through an email consultation. Start a consultation here.

Planning for your trip to ReRack

E-mail, Call Ahead or self schedule when possible

We are continuing to offer advanced consultations via email through our CONSULT form ( This is strongly recommended for Crossbars, though Bike carrier needs can also benefit greatly from advanced planning due to inventory restrictions.

Phones at our Retail stores are live, however, demands on our staff are likely to prevent calls from being answered at peak times (through the summer, that tends to be most hours of most days).

NEW: We are offering self directed scheduling! Appointments can be booked up to one month out or as soon as 2 hours in advance. Spots fill up quickly so we recommend scheduling at least a couple days ahead. We will do our best to accommodate visitors without an appointment, however, wait times might be extreme during peak hours.


Wear a face covering or face mask 

Please help our staff continue to feel safe by wearing your mask regardless of your vaccination status. This is a courtesy to our staff that are either unable to get vaccinated or share household with immunocompromised individuals.

Keep your hands clean

Clean your hands with hand sanitizer and/or use new/clean disposable gloves before interacting with ReRack Staff or touching surfaces. (credit card terminals, door handles, pens, etc.)


In store changes

Installations & Assembly

We continue to offer installation and assembly of your purchases for scheduled appointments through our consultation form. We will make every attempt to have products ready for your pre-arranged installation time or pick up as per your needs. If you do not have an appointment, we may not have capacity to install or assemble items at time of purchase so please be prepared to arrange a future time.

Many assemblies and installations carry setup and/or installation fees. Accessories start at $20 and base rack installations start at $60 with purchases. Please contact us ahead for specific quotes.

Buying & Trading

Buying is BACK! We are happy to take in your old racks for a check pay out! You can, please use our scheduler to book an appointment slot.

We will still be taking trades toward other purchases as well as reusing your old parts with your new system.

Cargo Box Rentals

We will not be offering rental boxes for the remainder of 2021 though hope to have this program back up sometime in 2022.