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All About Whispbar

All About Whispbar

Whispbar isa premium brand ofaerodynamic roof racks. They have been discontinued in the US market, and here at ReRack we have great prices on the remaining Whispbar stock. We're going to talk a bit about the Whispbar product, some of it's core features, and why you might consider choosing a Whispbar rack.

Whispbar launched in Australia & New Zealand in 2006, immediately winning multiple auto industry and design awards. To get a better feel for Whispbar's design sense, take look at this snazzy video they produced:

Whispbar Product Features

As mentioned in the video above, Whispbar has several key product features. First is the crossbar aerodynamics. All roof racks generate some amount of wind noise - this will vary based on vehicle speed, roof shape and a few other factors. Driving a truck or other boxy vehicle won't matter since there's a lot of road noise anyway, but a lot of drivers definitely notice the added wind noise from a roof rack.

Whispbar spent a lot of time and money engineering a crossbar that has the lowest drag coefficient, at just a fraction of some other brands. This provides the quietest roof racks on the market.

The QuickDock technology is a great little feature, making it incredibly fast and easy to remove Whispbar gear mounts from your roof rack. Designed to provide a low-profile, seamless look, QuickDock is super useful - we definitely recommend it for anyone who adds/removes their mounts frequently.

Most other manufacturers that use T-track mounting hardware rely on a T-bolt setup. It works well, but ins't as quick or easy as the QuickDock.

The Whispbar SmartFoot technology mounting system gives Whispbar a secure, stable fit on your vehicle. The different foot types are for various bare roofs, side rails, fixed point mounts etc.

Whispbar smartfoot fit kit

SmartFoot is truly modular — should you decide to set up a rack on another similarly-sized vehicle, just get a new SmartFoot roof rack fit kit and transfer — no need to get a whole new rack

Discontinuing Whispbar in the US

Yakima purchased Whispbar back in 2010, and since that time helped expand the Whispbar line and incorporate some of the tech into their own products (see the Yakima FatCat / WhispbarWB300). Towards the end of 2016, Yakima decided to stop selling Whispbar products in the US. ReRack got lucky, and we were able to strike a deal with Yakima, purchasing all of the remaining Whispbar stock Yakima had in the US. Because it was such a large amount of product, we were able to get a good deal and pass along the price savings to our customers!

Why Choose Whispbar Now?

  • Value. Most Whispbar setups retail for over $500. Our prices are50% off or more!
  • Warranty. Yakima is standing by the standard Whispbar warranty for new products - a limited lifetime guarantee
  • Technology. Like we mentioned above, there's some great features and tech used in the Whispbar product line
  • Availability. ReRack has the largest stock of Whispbar remaining in the US, but once we're sold through it will be tough to find!

Three Kinds of Whispbar

Through Bars & Flush Bars

Through and Flush Bars are the most common. Both kinds of bars are very similar with the same basic bar shape, top t-track slot and additional SmartFoot fitting kits. The Through Bars extend past the vertical 'towers' and provide more length on the bar for mounting your bikes, kayaks etc. The Flush Bars end right at the towers, giving you a slightly more 'clean' and slim look, but with with less bar length.

Rail Bars

These bars are only intended for select models of vehicles with raised siderails. The Rail Bars provide the absolute lowest possible profile, but also have the most limited usable bar length. These are a great choice if you have raised siderails, with two exceptions - you have a sunroof (Rail Bars may impact usage of sunroof) or you want to put a lot of gear on your crossbars (then choose a Through Bar).

Heavy Duty Bars

Heavy Duty (HD) Bars were designed by Whispbar for more rugged/commercial use. The t-track slot on top is NOT the standard t-track size - and the bar itself is larger - so you won't be able to mount a lot of standard gear mounts (think bike mounts, kayak mounts etc.). The HD bars are best for things like ladders, lumber and other large/heavy loads. The HD bars feature rubber molding for protection on top of the bars, and integrated tie-down points on the bar ends.

Whispbar kayak bike racks

Bike & Kayak Mounts

WB400 J-Cradle Kayak Carrier. Compact design, slide-out arm. Holds one kayak vertically (on its side)

WB401 Saddle Roller Kayak Carrier. Integrated rollers for easy loading/unloading, adjustable arms for different kayak shapes

WB200 Fork Mount Bike Carrier. Sleek and low-profile design, handles standard and thru-axle forks. Disc brake compatible

WB201 Upright Bike Carrier - Out of Stock

Have more questions about Whispbar, or not able to find something? Contact us here.