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Control / Change Key - for Yakima & Thule Locks

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Change key works for Yakima SKS lock cores and Thule One Key cores. 

The change key is used to insert, remove & swap lock cores.


Also called change key, command key, control key

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Yup - it works

You'll need this to get your core locks in/out of your racks. Works as expected.
Posted by undefined on 08 Feb 2017

Thule Compatible

Key removes unlocked Thule cores as advertised. Thule offers a change key for less but the convenience of placing one order through ReRack outweighs the price difference.
Posted by undefined on 09 May 2016

For my Yakima

Bough some used Q-Towers that had unlocked lock cores and this key worked as it should to get the cores out so I could purchase the right locking key for my towers. Cost and shipping were more than satisfactory as well. Thanks a ton!
Posted by SPGreer on 12 Oct 2015

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