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Interested in getting a hitch installed with us? Please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Installation Locations

Portland area installations will take place at our Portland shop

Refund Policy 

  • Many hitches are specialty ordered and not eligible for a refund however store credit will be available
  • Prepaid installation fees will be refundable if appointment is canceled within 1 day of appointment
  • Refunds will post back to the payment card used in your initial booking
  • Store Credit information will be attached to your name and phone number in our in-store system and emailed to your email on file

Vehicle Modifications

There may be modifications required for proper installation of your hitch. Some modifications will be listed in the instructions for the hitch, though there may be additional modifications required beyond what is listed in the instructions depending on trim-levels, aftermarket work/parts, and unknown factors.


While most hitches should be available within a few business days, delivery can take up to 2 weeks or more. Delivery times and pre-scheduled installs are subject to change. ReRack will make efforts to contact you regarding availability issues, changes and to confirm install times as soon as such updates are available.

Accept & Book

If you are are ready to pay for your hitch and book your installation, visit the custom link to our payment portal emailed to you. This link will will guide you through payment and scheduling process.

To Decline a Quote

You don’t have to do anything! If you are not yet ready, there is no need to respond or cancel. The order will not be placed until the invoice has been paid. This quote will be valid for one week, please reply to your initial email if for a new link and quote update when you are ready.

Want to supply your own hitch?

We would be happy to consider using a hitch supplied by you!
  • Must be in NEW condition
  • Must come from a reputable manufacturer
  • Must include all necessary instructions and hardware
  • Must be specialty fitted for your vehicle
Not all hitches will be accepted and our installer reserves the final say.
Contact us for further details.