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Thule Lock Cylinder

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Please specify which lock core number you wish to order in the drop down menu above.

Requires Thule control/change key to install or remove lock cylinders.

Thule's lock cylinders lock and unlock with the same key to eliminate the hassle of multiple keys. When ordering Thule One Key System lock cylinder packs we recommend that you purchase additional lock cylinders in anticipation of adding accessories.

  • "One key system" secures all your lockable Thule accessories
  • Note: Some products require multiple lock cores to take full advantage of locking functionality, consult your product manual for more details.
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Quality, Clean & Greased

Arrived in good condition, cleaned with the wafers greased for smooth action and worked well.
Posted by Kevin P on 26 Oct 2021

Exactly as Advertised

It's what it says a Thule brand lock cylinder. Shipping was extremely fast, and ReRack is the only place I could find these in stock as single items (not a kit for a much higher price.)

I am impressed and will purchase from here again.
Posted by Mike on 13 Aug 2021

Product as advertised - fast shipping!

The product was exactly what you’d expect when ordering extra lock cylinders from Thule. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, not for the product itself, but because the retailer is awesome. I had not heard about them until I did a search for the cylinder. They ship out so fast and keep you informed of the status. I’ll likely be using rerack again and would recommend it to anyone! Great job, rerack!
Posted by Manny on 05 Jun 2021

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