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Water Sports Racks

Car Racks for Water Sports

Boat and board specific carriers are here to make getting your gear from your house to the water a simpler task. Most carriers will require a crossbar system on your vehicle, and will have different types of mounting hardware to mount to different crossbar styles. J cradles, stackers, saddles, and rollers all provide different ways to carry your kayaks, depending on how many you need to haul and which way you want to orient them.

Canoes are typically handled by load stops and tie downs, and surfboards and SUP’s are generally secured with cushioned pads and heavy duty straps. Load assists racks can help make getting your boat onto the roof of your car easier, and some hitch mounted crossbars work well to carry long boats on trucks. No matter what you’re carrying or which carrier you choose, vehicle weight capacities and proper tie downs are important things to consider.