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Yakima Compatible Round Bar End Caps - Set of 4 Caplugs

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Round bar compatible Cap Plugs. Fit Round Yakima Crossbars.  Sold as a set of 4.

These fit over the end of the crossbar instead of inside the tube. This means they work with any size Yakima RoundBar, even the 86"!

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Didn't end up needing

If you get the set of 4 Q Towers, then you won't need to get these, as the 4 pack includes the OEM end caps for the crossbars.
Posted by Wheeler on 29 Mar 2023

They do the job

Cheap alternative to the original end caps, which frankly are a pain to take off. These slip on and off fairly easily, which means its not a bad idea to take a small strip of black tape (Gorilla, electrical or whatever) and secure them just to make sure they stay on. I personally have not had any problems with these flying off, but then I haven't left them on my bars for extended periods. Anyway, this is a decent and very cheap alternative.
Posted by IW on 28 Sep 2021


These things fall off fairly easily while driving, so it may be a good idea to use tape etc. as an additional security measure.

In my experience, the cap on just ONE side falls off from each bar. Maybe it has something to do with the air pressure inside the bar?
Posted by Chris on 05 Nov 2020

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