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Yakima Single Replacement "A" Pad BLACK 8810084

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Lost a pad to the abyss that is your shed/garage/storage unit? Maybe you've just pushed your racks through so much action that they refuse to go on.

No matter how you slice it your Q Tower base rack pads should get replaced every few years depending on use.

Be sure that you order the correct pad for your vehicle/Q clips. You can check through our Q Clip listings or the Yakima Fit guide for the correct pad.

Includes 1 BLACK "A" Pad


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Yakima Single Replacement "A" Pad

Bought 4 Yakima Single Replacement "A" Pad 8810084 and they work great...just like new.
Shopped around and found ReRack was the best priced.
Very satisfied and will buy from them again
Posted by Jeff on 03 Jul 2021


Good price and fast shipping
Posted by Travis on 13 Sep 2019

What I needed, note it is black in color not clear/white.

Bought the "A" pad. I had 3 replacements and needed a fourth. The three I had are white/clear, this one is black. Wish I had all 4 the same color but i'm over it. For the shipping cost, it would have made better sense to get 4, had I know the color was black I would have. It does it's job.
Posted by JC on 28 Aug 2018

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